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We offer a different and better experience.

Take the next step with USAL Solutions. Request a quote to get started.

A trusting
promise of care

We promise to nurture our business relationships by establishing trust and communication. We take great pride in forming partnerships that are anchored with accountability and built on respect.

Great rates and quality freight

We choose our cargo wisely and facilitate the transport of many of America's best automobile brands. By doing so, we are happy to offer very competitive rates, many of which are for two-way traffic lanes.

Fast, flexible payment options

We know that our partners have immediate demands for fuel, tires, and truck maintenance. We are pleased to offer the flexibility and back-end support systems to pay on your terms for your needs. 

Become a certified TPC for USAL Solutions.

Are you looking for a consistent and fair auto subhauling contract? Let us help keep your trucks full, efficient, and productive. Our online process is easy and fast! In most cases, you're set up and hauling our freight within 2-3 days.

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